Mint Smol Moe NFT

Smol Moe is the smol chapter of the Moe-Verse – an exclusive Smol collection that combines playfulness and expressive artstyle to create adorable Smol NFTs. Smol Moe NFTs serve as your companions and represent your virtual identity and profile power in the Moe-Verse. Each one is uniquely constructed with a combination of various traits, totaling over 200 different legendary and commons rarity traits.

Mint start : 17th of January / 22:00 JST

Supply : 4,444 Smol Moe NFT. FCFS until remaining

Public Mint : 0.01 ETH each up to 50 Mint per wallet

WL Mint : up to 2 Mint per wallet

Connect Wallet Mint Smol Moe


Phase 1 : #SMOLMOE Mint

4,444 Smol Moe will be minted into Moe-Verse and go global! Get to mint one of Smol Moe NFT! Beautifully constructed with a variety of rare traits, totaling over 200 different traits. Legendary and Basic Smol Moe NFTs available, with different rarity tiers. Minted Smol Moe NFTs will be pre-revealed mode and revealed soon after minting. Follow #smolmoe on Twitter to showcase your Smol Moe and join the adventure of Moe-Verse.

Phase 2: Coming Next

[M2 Earn Game details next ]